• Hot Water Heater: Investment Tips For Residential Properties

    If your water heater breaks down and you find out it can't be repaired, you need to shop for a new unit quickly. This selection process will be a breeze if you just use the following strategies for this home appliance. Find a Water Heater That Doesn't Cost Much to Run An important aspect to focus on with residential water heaters is the cost of running them day in and day out. [Read More]

  • Notice These Signs? It May Be Time For Duct Cleaning

    Comfort in your home does not just involve free-flowing warm or cool air; air quality is also a factor. Dirty air ducts can impact comfort in your home and cause a host of other issues. To increase comfort and help maintain your system, it is essential to have the ducts clean. To stay on top of this task, learn some of the signs that indicate your ducts need to be cleaned. [Read More]

  • Plumbing Tips For Those Who Live In Older Houses

    When you live in an older home, you get used to some things not working perfectly. This is likely true of your plumbing as well. Plumbing was not always as well-planned years ago, and pipes and fixtures do age. As such, you may benefit from some of the following plumbing tips for people who live in older homes. Fix leaking faucets. When a faucet starts leaking, it is easy to shrug your shoulders, say " [Read More]

  • 2 Signs It's Time To Have Your Home's Old Cast Iron Pipes Replaced

    If you live in an older home that has the original plumbing system with cast iron pipes, you may be wondering whether you should consider having them replaced. Since you likely do not know of any obvious leaks, you may be on the fence, thinking that the pipes will last for a few more years. However, especially with old cast iron pipes, they may be deteriorating faster than you realize. Below are a couple of signs you should look for that indicate it is time to have your home's old cast iron pipes replaced. [Read More]

  • Plumbing Emergencies That Will Have You Call A 24-Hour Plumber

    A plumbing emergency can disrupt your quality of life, especially if it occurs at night or on weekends. You may need a backup plan for when your regular plumber can't come to your rescue.  You can try to DIY a solution, but it may not be a good idea if you're not a professional. One of the best plumbing backup plans is to have a professional 24-hour plumber's number. You can call them whenever you have an emergency and prevent further damage to your property. [Read More]

  • Reduce The Risk Of Leaks With Repiping

    Repiping is when a plumber replaces all the water pipes in your home with new ones. It's a big undertaking, but it's necessary when your plumbing is old and deteriorated to the point where leaks are frequent. Here's when repiping may be needed and things to know about having the work done. When To Think About Repiping If your pipes are several decades old, they may be corroded or coated with minerals from hard water. [Read More]

  • Signs You May Need Slab Leak Repair

    A slab leak can be extremely damaging to the foundation of your home. If you suspect that you will have a slab leak but you're not quite sure, here are some telltale signs that will confirm whether or not there is damage.  Once you spot these signs you need to deal with them quickly. Water leaking from underground can damage the floor and even the furnishings in your home. Here's a closer look at how you can spot a slab leak. [Read More]

  • Facts To Know When Upgrading Your Water Heater

    A home's water heater is a central part of the plumbing system. Due to the central role that it plays in your home's plumbing system, there are several key facts that you will want to know about this part of your home.  Increasing The Capacity Of Your Water Heater Will Not Always Require A Larger System When you are looking at your options to upgrade the water heater, you may be focused on increasing the amount of hot water that is available from the system. [Read More]

  • Ways Your Plumber Can Use Under Slab Leak Detection Equipment To Find A Leaky Pipe

    You may not realize it, but if your home is built on a slab foundation, your plumbing pipes are probably underneath the slab. Pipes can last under a slab for decades, but when the pipes get old, a pipe might crack or develop a hole from corrosion, and then you'll have a slab leak. Leaky pipes under a slab are a problem since they're hidden and difficult to reach to make repairs. [Read More]

  • 2 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Has Low Water Pressure

    Lately, you may have noticed that the pressure of the water coming out of your home's faucets has steadily started to decrease. After ruling out the possibility of a water leak, you may be wondering what could be causing the issue. When your water pressure is low, first ask your neighbors if theirs are as well to rule out an external problem. If no one else is experiencing the problem, there are a couple of possible reasons why your home has low water pressure, both of which require the attention of a plumbing professional to remedy. [Read More]