3 Types Of Faucet Repairs You May Need When Your Faucet Is Leaking

Posted on: 25 July 2022

A leaky faucet is annoying since the sound of it can get on your nerves. However, the big problem is that a leaky faucet wastes water. It can drive up your water bill quite a bit since all those drips add up over the month. If you're not handy with faucet repairs, call a plumber for help.

However, if you want the plumber to change the faucet rather than repair your old one, be sure to have the new faucet already bought and ready to exchange with the old one when the plumber arrives. Here are three faucet problems you might encounter and the repairs that might be needed.

1. Water Leaks Out Of A Split Seam

If you have an inexpensive kitchen faucet, you might have a problem with water spewing out of a split in the seam when you turn the water on. The good news is that the water doesn't leak unless you turn the faucet handle. However, when you turn the handle, water sprays everywhere, so you need quick repairs.

The solution to this problem is to replace the faucet. Repairing the leak with plumber's tape or some other solution will probably be temporary and it might make your faucet look ugly.

2. Water Drips Constantly From The Faucet Spout

A faucet that has a steady drip or a constant stream of water running out of the faucet wastes water and needs to be repaired. A faucet that drips from the spout could have a worn-out washer that seals the valve seat, or the valve seat itself could be bad.

The seat and washer can be accessed by taking the handle off. Once the handle is off, the stem can be pulled out. Then, the plumber has to use a seat puller to reach in and pull out the seat. This is one reason you may need a plumber's help, or you'll at least need to buy the tools needed for this faucet repair.

Once the seat is out, the new one can be put in and tightened. A new washer can be put on if needed, and then the stem can be replaced and the handle put back on.

3. Water Leaks Out Around A Handle

Water that leaks from a handle can be a big problem because the water might not land in the sink. This could cause problems with water damage and other issues. A leaky handle might be caused by a bad O-ring or washer.

This faucet repair is similar to replacing a seat valve washer except the seat valve doesn't have to be removed. The handle has to be pulled off and the stem removed. The plumber can then replace the washer and the O-ring located on the stem. Once the handle is put back together, the leak should be stopped.

For more information about faucet repair, contact a local plumber.