Quality Fixtures For Residential Plumbing Upgrades

Posted on: 6 June 2023

A plumbing accessory showroom displays products that are made of quality materials. Your visit to an accessory showroom will support you as you plan and execute a residential plumbing project.

Retail Stores

Retail stores, including big box stores, sell plumbing products manufactured by national brands. The products available for purchase, however, are limited. A retailer may feature some of the most popular fixture products.

These products may not contain the same quality materials as the ones that are sold through a wholesaler. Plastic is often used to line plumbing materials that are being sold for retail costs. This could ultimately lead to plumbing materials not lasting as long as ones that are constructed solely of metal. 

Wholesale Stores

Wholesale stores feature plumbing products that are manufactured by national brands. Often, the product selection available for purchase is much more extensive than what is featured at a retail store.

Fixtures may be constructed solely of metal. Brass and ceramic materials are also used to manufacture some plumbing fixtures. Wholesale stores sell an array of plumbing materials that are suited for residential and commercial use.

The Showroom

It is common for a wholesale store to have an onsite showroom for customers to visit. Due to the high volume of plumbing products that a wholesaler features and sells, it is beneficial for this type of store to highlight many of the products that are available for purchase.

A showroom may contain individual pieces that are on display. It may also contain fully-functional staged areas that will provide inspiration to those who are seeking plumbing upgrades.

For instance, if you are seeking a sink and vanity upgrade, you may be presented with several layouts that contain sink and vanity combinations. The displays within a showroom will offer insight on how you can use specific plumbing fixtures to upgrade your home's kitchen or bathroom.

Your Selections

During your visit to a showroom, keep track of the fixture model numbers that are of interest to you. Prepare a list that identifies the model numbers and prices for the fixtures. Once your visit has concluded, consult with your plumbing contractor.

Your contractor will review your showroom material list. They will recommend the products that they believe are best-suited for the residential plumbing upgrades that you are seeking.

After the consultation with your contractor, head back to the showroom to get a second look at some of the plumbing fixtures or to purchase the materials that will actually be used for the residential upgrades. Reach out to a plumbing accessory showroom facility near you to learn more.