Signs You Need Boiler Repair

Posted on: 4 May 2023

A boiler is a heating device that heats water and then sends the hot water through a home's plumbing system and radiators. It's often the more energy-efficient option and produces cleaner, more even heat compared to a furnace. While boilers tend to last longer, too, they will eventually require repair over time. Learn more about some of the biggest problems you may experience with your boiler. 

No Heat

Boilers usually run off of gas or coal, which use a heat exchanger to heat the water. Some boilers are powered using electricity. Electric boilers use a heating element (or multiple heating elements) to heat the water. When the heat exchanger or heating element breaks, the water won't turn hot. In most cases, the damaged component can be replaced to restore the boiler back to working condition. 


Boilers contain water inside of them. The water must be properly contained inside the container to avoid water damage and electrical damage. Leaks in the piping can also prevent hot water or warm air from getting to the desired parts of the house. Unfortunately, boilers deteriorate over time. When the boiler material deteriorates, it can create a leak and allow water to spill out of it. Leaks in the piping can usually be repaired. However, when the boiler itself starts to leak, it needs to be replaced. 

Odd Sounds and Smells

All appliances make a certain amount of noise. However, boilers tend to be relatively quiet. When something inside of the boiler becomes loose, it will create new noises inside the machine. While the machine may still operate for a time, the constant banging will eventually damage the components inside of the unit to the point that they break down. 

You should also take note if the boiler starts emitting strange odors. Your boiler shouldn't produce a burning smell. If you notice a burning smell coming from the boiler, turn it off to prevent additional damage. 

If you have a gas-powered boiler, you may notice a sulfur smell in the case of a gas leak. A gas leak can be very dangerous and should be taken very seriously. Shut down the unit and contact the local gas company immediately. You should also consider evacuating the home until you discover the source of the problem. 

When you notice these signs of a problem with your boiler, call a local boiler repair technician to diagnose and repair the problem before it becomes a larger issue. If the boiler has passed its life expectancy, consider replacing it.