3 Ways A Plumber Can Clear Your Sewer Line

Posted on: 28 March 2023

Do you have water backing up into your home that should be flowing out to the sewer system? If so, you'll definitely need to get a plumber to your home to get rid of the clogged line for you. Here are some techniques that a plumber can use to help clear a clog.  

Plumbing Snake

One trusted and true method of clearing a clog is a plumbing snake. This tool has a spinning blade at the end of a long and flexible cable, and it is fed into the main sewer line to cut through clogs that are in its path. Plumbing snakes are a great choice because they just require electricity to use them, and they are pretty good at getting through those tough clogs that cannot be pushed out of the pipe.

The downside to a plumbing snake is that it is not going to clean the walls of the pipe. The blades will simply cut through the debris, and can still leave a partial diameter still clogged. This is common with tree roots that have penetrated the pipe and are partially cut, but not completely removed. 

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a technique that uses a powerful jet of water to blast away the debris that is in the pipe. This is all done with a special nozzle on a flexible hose that is capable of cutting away at whatever is in its path. Hydro jetting is great at actually cleaning the pipe since the water will scrape away all the debris stuck to the outer diameter. 

The problem with hydro jetting is that it can damage old ceramic drain tiles, and really works best on newer plumbing that is not as likely to break. This includes pipes made out of PVC or metal. It's also possible that the plumber will ask for you to supply a water source to use the equipment.

Enzyme Cleaners 

An alternative solution is to use an enzyme cleaner in the drain that is going to naturally break down organic waste. Some people even use enzyme cleaners as a preventative measure, since they can help break down tree roots before they turn into bigger problems that cause a clog. In addition, enzyme cleaners are safe for the environment, as opposed to chemical cleaners that can be harmful to the environment and your plumbing. It's best to see if a more natural cleaner works first. 

Contact a local drain cleaning service to learn more.