2 Signs It's Time To Have Your Home's Old Cast Iron Pipes Replaced

Posted on: 24 February 2023

If you live in an older home that has the original plumbing system with cast iron pipes, you may be wondering whether you should consider having them replaced. Since you likely do not know of any obvious leaks, you may be on the fence, thinking that the pipes will last for a few more years.

However, especially with old cast iron pipes, they may be deteriorating faster than you realize. Below are a couple of signs you should look for that indicate it is time to have your home's old cast iron pipes replaced.

1. Quality of the Water Coming out of Your Faucets Has Dramatically Decreased

One sign that you should seriously consider replacing your home's old cast iron pipes sooner rather than later is when the quality of your water started decreasing dramatically. When cast iron pipes start to deteriorate, tiny pieces start to break off into the water, and any corrosion on their interiors will bleed into the water.

When this happens, your water will take on a reddish-brown color, and it will start to have a metallic odor. You may even be able to taste the iron in the water. When your water is affected by the deteriorating pipes, you should think about having a plumbing professional replace them.

2. Exteriors of the Pipes Have a Rough Texture and Have Visible Signs of Rust

Another sign that you should go ahead and have your home repiped with a newer plumbing system is when the exteriors of the pipes start to appear rough. Because cast iron is susceptible to corrosion, it will eventually start to rust. 

If the exteriors of the pipes are no longer smooth, this usually means that they are rusting from the inside out, which is affecting their structural integrity. You may also see visible rust in the rough areas. Because this corrosion is making its way through the pipes, they could start leaking at any time if they are not replaced

If you know your home's plumbing system is old and consists mostly of cast iron pipes, it may be time to have them replaced when the quality of your water decreases. Since cast iron pipes are susceptible to corrosion, they should be replaced when their exterior surfaces are no longer smooth and have visible signs of rust. If you believe your home needs to be repiped, contact a plumbing service like Blue Plumbing and Drain Cleaning to have them conduct an inspection of your home's plumbing system so they can discuss your options based on what they find.