Reduce The Risk Of Leaks With Repiping

Posted on: 9 February 2023

Repiping is when a plumber replaces all the water pipes in your home with new ones. It's a big undertaking, but it's necessary when your plumbing is old and deteriorated to the point where leaks are frequent. Here's when repiping may be needed and things to know about having the work done.

When To Think About Repiping

If your pipes are several decades old, they may be corroded or coated with minerals from hard water. This debris can flake off and get in your water supply. You probably won't like drinking or showering in water with bits of rust, so changing the pipes is a good solution.

Also, older pipes that are corroded have a higher risk of leaking. This could eventually cause water damage to your home if a leak isn't found right away. Leaks that happen behind walls or under the slab can go on a long time and drive up your water bill. If you've been having frequent plumbing leaks, your plumber might recommend repiping to prevent serious water damage to your home.

If you have an older house and you're planning to renovate it, you might want to have new pipes put in while you have the walls open. This will prevent you from having to put in new pipes in a few years, and doing the renovation and repiping at the same time could be more convenient. If you plan to sell your house, new plumbing could be an attractive selling point.

What Happens When You Have Repiping Services

Plumbers often use flexible pipes today in combination with copper pipes. Because the pipes can bend and be threaded through holes, it's usually possible to repipe a home without tearing open the walls. Repiping is still a major undertaking, but your plumber might be able to do all the work without having to shut your water off until the very end when the new pipes are connected to the water source.

It may take a few days to get all the work done since the plumber will try to work during the hours when it's convenient for you. They may leave most of the old pipes in place unless you specifically want them removed.

What May Not Be Included

You may need additional services along with repiping. Talk to your plumber to see if they can be added to your job and done at the same time. This includes installing new faucets as well as pipes, putting in new drains too, and repairing holes made in the wall by patching and painting.

For more information on repiping, contact a professional near you.