Signs You May Need Slab Leak Repair

Posted on: 1 February 2023

A slab leak can be extremely damaging to the foundation of your home. If you suspect that you will have a slab leak but you're not quite sure, here are some telltale signs that will confirm whether or not there is damage. 

Once you spot these signs you need to deal with them quickly. Water leaking from underground can damage the floor and even the furnishings in your home. Here's a closer look at how you can spot a slab leak.

Low Water Pressure

When there is a slab leak that is hidden under your foundation, you may notice a drop in your water pressure as the leak gets bigger. This is inevitable as the water that should be coming through your shower and your faucet begin to leak underground.

One way to test if there is significant leakage is to turn off all the pipes in your home and then go out and take a look at your water meter. If it is still running with all the pipes turned off then there may be a slab leak. You will need to get your plumber to come in and do an inspection for you.

Swollen Foundation

When your home is experiencing a slab leak it will damage the foundation of the home. A slab leak will slowly erode the structure of your foundation. You will notice that several parts of the floor will begin to look swollen as the water begins to flow underneath it. If the floor is not swollen, it is likely to become raised. 

This is one symptom of a slab leak that you will see subtly developing over time. It will only get worse. It is best to call in a professional to take a look at it as soon as possible and fix the leak.

Mold Starts Growing

Wherever there is a lot of moisture you can expect mold to grow. When there is a leak under the foundation of your home, moisture becomes trapped. Sooner or later you're going to notice mold forming on your carpeting or see discoloration in parts of your flooring. 

If you notice the flooring smells musty, this is a clear sign that mold is growing. You need to fix the leak very quickly before it becomes a health hazard. It's almost always serious and you need to call in a plumber to find the leak and fix it as soon as possible to avoid serious damage.

Contact a local plumber to learn more about slab leak repair