About Water Heater Replacement

Posted on: 6 January 2023

There are quite a few reasons why water heaters end up needing to be replaced. Then, there are other reasons why you may want to have your water heater replaced for reasons that may not be a necessity, but are important to you. This article will explain some reasons why you may need to have your water heater replaced.

Reasons why you may need to have the water heater replaced

The water heater is leaking

A water heater can end up with a leak as it gets older. If you see water around your water heater, then this indicates your water heater more than likely has a leak. If this is the case, then it is important for you to have the unit checked out right away. Depending on where the leak is coming from, you may need to replace the water heater. 

The water heater is rusting

If your water heater has rust, then this is a major reason for replacing it. It can be difficult to know the water heater is rusting, so you may need to pay attention to the way the water looks to determine if this is an issue that's going on. If your water is tasting different, it can indicate there is rust. You should fill up several buckets of water from the hot faucet, and if you see rust in any of them, then you know that you need a new water heater. 

Your water heater keeps needing repairs

If you are starting to need the water heater to be repaired on a pretty regular basis, you should consider this a sign that you need a new one. Water heaters rarely need to have repairs, so when you have to have someone come out twice in a period that's pretty close together, then it's best to have it replaced instead of continuing to have repairs done until you finally find yourself without any hot water. 

Reasons why you may want to have your water heater replaced

Your water heater is old

If your water heater is old, you may want to have it replaced, even if it does seem to still be working well. When it gets old, you know that the time is coming when you're going to start having a lot of problems. It can give you peace of mind to replace it when it gets to this point, so you always know you have a dependable water heater. 

You keep running out of hot water

If you are running out of hot water halfway through your shower or at any other time, this lets you know your water heater is probably too small for your household. You may not need to replace it, but doing so will allow your family to always have all the hot water you need.

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