Instances When You Should Consider New Gas Line Installation

Posted on: 27 September 2022

Most property owners today prefer using natural gas to power their indoor appliances or heat their hot tubs because it's clean, convenient, and cost-effective. To enjoy these benefits and keep your home safe, you must ensure that the gas lines are in working order. 

But like any other plumbing fixture, the gas lines need repair and replacement occasionally. Since a faulty gas line can affect your safety and health, investing in gas line installation is crucial. You will need a competent gas line service provider for this task. Here are instances when you may need to install a new gas line. 

The Pipeline Is Worn 

If you have used the gas pipeline for several decades, you may need to check its condition regularly to determine if it's time for a replacement. You may need to replace the entire line or part of it. The best thing about replacing the entire pipeline is safety assurance. Besides, you won't have to spend money on regular maintenance or repairs because you are using new lines. 

Therefore, don't hesitate to replace the gas line when you see some worn-out parts of the gas pipeline or notice hissing sounds from the walls or strange smells. Leaky pipelines can be hazardous, so it's better to get new lines before an accident occurs.

Your Gas Consumption Rate Has Increased 

Whenever you add more electric appliances, you need to upgrade the wiring and circuit panel to get more power. Similarly, you may need to change the gas line if you intend to add gas appliances. This is particularly vital since each appliance will need its own source of gas to operate efficiently.

A good rule of thumb is to call a plumbing technician to inspect the gas line before you purchase the new appliances. They will help you determine how much energy you'll require once you get the extra appliances. 

Note that appliances have a sticker that shows their thermal unit output that the technician can reference for the new gas line. Allow them to install the gas line for each household appliance to avoid costly mistakes associated with DIYing.

You're Constructing a New House

If you are about to construct a new house, you should prioritize energy-saving features, such as natural gas. Also, you can decide if you will need a gas fireplace, outdoor barbecue, or gas heater in the garage area or basement. The plumber can share gas line ideas and draft a plan that suits your needs. Then, they will install the gas line before you move in. 

Contact a local plumber to learn more.