Reasons Why You Need Commercial Expertise When Hiring A Plumber For Your Business

Posted on: 11 July 2022

If you are responsible for the upkeep of the building you do business out of, this likely includes keeping an eye on your commercial plumbing system. Whether it's setting up a long-term maintenance plan or hiring help for emergency repairs, there are a number of reasons why you should seek out a local plumber with specific expertise in commercial plumbing instead of just hiring the first handyman or residential plumber you can find. Here's why having a commercial plumbing expert is important when it comes to the plumbing system your business depends on.

A Commercial Plumber Will Help You Stay Up to Date With All Plumbing Regulation or Code Requirements

A commercial building typically has strict requirements it has to meet for water usage or for where and how the plumbing pipes are organized or situated throughout the building or property. Your local commercial plumber will already know what all of the local codes or regulations require and will make sure any work they do keeps you current and up to date with these rules. You don't want to get plumbing help from someone who isn't aware of these codes and then find out the hard way that an adjustment or repair that was made has put your business into a situation where you are no longer fully complying with required regulations.

A Commercial Plumber Will Carry Insurance to Cover the Work They Are Doing on Your Commercial Property

Any professional plumber is likely to be bonded or carry insurance to cover any accidents that cause damage to the customer's property. But a handyman or residential plumber who only works on residential plumbing systems most of the time might not have the right kind of insurance to cover your commercial property. It's also possible your commercial property is worth a lot more money than the average house, and that means that even if a plumber does have coverage, they might hit a cap that is well under the payout you might require in the event of significant damage. A commercial plumbing pro is much more likely to have the right kind of insurance policy to give the customer peace of mind in this situation.

A Commercial Plumbing System Can Be Much More Complex Than What the Average Handyman Is Used to Dealing With

If you own a large office building with multiple bathrooms, break rooms with multiple sinks on different floors, a laundry service or water fountain in the lobby, and so on, these are all things that the average handyman might not be experienced with. A commercial plumber will be able to tackle any situation in your building without delay.

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