4 Indicators Your Drains Need To Be Cleaned

Posted on: 7 April 2022

Your plumbing system is an essential part of your home. On that account, proper care and maintenance prolong the unit's lifespan. But over time, your drains can encounter problems that might cause an inconvenience in your living space. When that happens, you need drain services to solve these issues. Here are four indicators you need drain cleaning services.

The Kitchen and Bathroom Drains Are Too Slow

There could be clogs in your drains if water takes a couple of minutes to clear from your sinks. Typically, hair, soap, food scraps, grease, dental floss, and cotton swabs can create blockage in your plumbing fixtures. The buildup of these items can lead to slow drains.

If not addressed in time, drain clogs can lead to leaks, and eventually, your pipes might burst. For this reason, you need to call your plumber to clear the pipes as soon as you detect a slow drain. Don't attempt to use drain cleaners and chemicals as they will only harm your pipes.

The Drains Produce Strange Noises As Water Runs Down

When water goes down your drains, you might hear gurgling noises. These sounds are a sign of clogs within your plumbing system. Usually, the obstructions cause oxygen to bubble up, creating these annoying sounds.

You may also notice these noises in your toilet when flushing it. Seek the drain services of a reputable plumber if these sounds persist. Doing this will prevent the clog from intensifying and causing more damage to your home. 

The House is Filled With an Awful Stench  

If your home has an unexplained stench, your drains could be the culprit. This odor results from sewage backup and clogged decaying food in the drain pipes. The only solution for this problem is drain cleaning to eliminate anything sitting on your drainage line. Plumbers use specialized equipment to address any peculiar smells in your plumbing fixtures.

There's Gray Water Coming up the Drains

Water can back up from your sinks, signifying a massive clog in your pipes. This water might be foul-smelling and unsanitary. An extensive blockage usually leaves the water with no space to pass, causing backups in the sinks and tubs.

Once you notice gray water on your sinks and bathtubs, it's prudent to hire a plumber immediately to clean the drains. Otherwise, you might have to deal with sewage floods and health conditions. 

You direly need drain services if you encounter the above signs. A qualified plumber will clear the clogs to restore the system to its ideal state. Timely repairs and regular inspections ensure that your plumbing system lasts longer and serves you conveniently.  

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