Pros And Cons Of Upgrading To A Salt-Free Water Softener System

Posted on: 2 February 2022

When it comes to water softeners, most people think of salt exchange systems. These systems remove the calcium and magnesium that make the water "hard," replacing it with sodium instead. While popular, these are not the only kind of water softeners on the market. There's another type that's becoming more popular, and it's known as a salt-free system. A salt-free water softener doesn't remove the hard minerals from the water. It instead neutralizes them by bonding them together. This way, the minerals no longer bond to your plumbing, skin, and other items. So, is a salt-free system a good choice for you? Consider these pros and cons.

Pro: Salt-free water softeners don't require any maintenance.

Typical salt exchange water softeners require you to remove and replace the salt chamber every so often. This isn't a ton of work, but it does take time out of your day and is a task you must remember to complete. Salt-free systems do not require this maintenance. There's no salt being exchanged in your water. In fact, nothing is being added to the water. So, you never have to replace or maintain anything. This makes salt-free exchange systems a better choice for busy people.

Con: They cost more.

Salt-free systems do cost significantly more than traditional salt-exchange water softener systems. If you're on a tight budget, this may not be the best kind of system for you. Getting a salt-exchange system is more affordable and may therefore allow you to start enjoying the benefits of water softening sooner.

Pro: They don't add sodium to your water.

Typical salt-exchange systems add sodium to your water, which may not be best if you're trying to watch your salt intake. There's not enough sodium added for the water to taste salty, but it can be enough to increase your sodium intake if you drink a lot of water from your tap. Salt-free systems, on the other hand, do not add any sodium to your water. This makes them a better choice for people who are salt-sensitive, those who have high blood pressure, and anyone who wants to be tightly in control of their sodium intake for any reason.

Salt-free water softener systems are often worth the cost because they are easy to maintain and don't add sodium to your water. If you think one of these systems may be right for you, talk to a plumber in your area.

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