Methods Professional Plumbers Use For Drain Cleaning

Posted on: 15 July 2021

Sometimes drain cleaning can be a difficult undertaking. Drainage systems are extensive, and they carry all the liquids and garbage people flush. Whenever the drains begin to make unusual noises or stink, know that it is the right time to clear them out entirely. The fall is the best time to clean them out. You can do this ahead of time to prepare for the potential plumbing issues that come with the winter season. Broken water heaters and freezing pipes are some of the examples of these issues.

Although a clean drain cannot prevent such problems, it helps reduce the chances of leaky and clogged pipes. Remember that leaking pipes are more difficult to fix in wintertime. But, you can always contact plumbers to clean them for you. These experts use specific methods to ensure they eliminate everything that is causing that problem. Some of these methods include:

Replacing or Cleaning Strainers

Food particles, hair, and other debris can clog your drains. Therefore, plumbers consider filters as the initial line of defense. Professional plumbers can clean stainless steel strainers without a problem.

Cleaning up the pieces and hairs that get caught regularly is necessary. Fortunately, plumbers scrub using modern tools to rid these spaces of mineral accumulation or filth. As such, yearly cleaning becomes relatively easy. When you hire competent plumbers, they'll check your filters as part of annual drain servicing.

Not Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

In general, professional roofers will advise against using any chemicals cleaning solution on the drains. For blockages, they snake and plunge the pipe to get the filth out. This is because cleaning products that contain chemicals harm your drains. As such, the majority of chemical cleaning solvents aren't worth the hassle. Some react with the aluminum to produce harmful gases, freeze inside drains, or become difficult to eliminate or combine with other cleansers. This combination can even cause the compound to erupt out of the pipe.

Crystal chemical cleaning products are quite dangerous and can destroy sewage, garbage disposal, and pipes. Solvent gels and foam detergents can destroy drains and are ineffective, taking a few minutes to clear a blockage. This is the reason professional plumbers use specific cleaning methods to avoid damage to the pipes.

Completing Drain Inspections With a Camera

Tidying up pipes frequently necessitates plumbers to know whatever they're up against at all times. Monitoring the pipe using a camera is the best approach without disrupting hidden or buried pipes. Professional plumbers use a small camera mounted on a cable and a LED light. After putting down a drainage pipe, the device transmits a live video to a screen, allowing the experts to locate regions requiring cleanup and determine what type of cleaning would suffice.

To learn more about the drain cleaning process, contact a plumber.