3 Signs You Need To Hire A Plumbing Company For Commercial Plumbing Repair

Posted on: 20 May 2021

Owning a successful business is undoubtedly a commendable achievement. On the flip side, the busy lifestyle of a business person can make them overlook their commercial building's maintenance needs. One of the most ignored areas is the plumbing system, which is rather unfortunate considering the system's critical role in supplying clean water and disposing of wastewater.  

As a prudent business owner, it's important to know when your plumbing system has a problem. Remember that you should hire an expert whenever the need for repairs arises. That way, the issue will be handled by qualified personnel, solving the problem once and for all. That said, here are signs you need to contact a commercial plumbing company

1. Reduced Water Pressure

Have you noticed a significant drop in water pressure? This tells you that there's a severe blockage in your plumbing system. The water pressure drop can also result from a broken pipe. 

Whatever the cause, it is essential to have a commercial plumbing professional assess the situation. Failure to do so can considerably increase your utility bills since the broken pipe is likely to lose a lot of water over time. Keep in mind that increased expenditure means lesser profit, which is the last thing that any prudent business owner wants.

2. Water Discoloration

Discolored water is an obvious sign that there's something wrong. After all, it's almost impossible to use it in your business settings when it's in such a state. Water is probably one of the commodities you perhaps need daily, so you need to call in a reputed commercial plumbing service company to identify the reason behind the discoloration. 

Brown water is an indication that there's rust in the pipes. This isn't something you should ignore because corrosion can spread to other areas, increasing the chances of you having to replace the entire piping system. That's why you should contact a plumbing company immediately if you suspect that there's a corrosion problem. 

3. Slow Drainage

Slow drainage might seem like an issue you can handle yourself, considering the many drain cleaners available today. But this isn't always the case because some cleaners usually don't reach the clogged area, especially when it comes to commercial buildings. What's more, some of them are made of harsh chemicals that easily damage the piping.

On the other hand, the plumbing experts use innovative technologies, such as inspection cameras, to identify the exact location of the clog and address the problem. They will also use safe and effective cleaning methods like hydro-jetting that keep damages at bay.

Wondering if it's time to call in a professional commercial plumbing service provider? If you are experiencing any of these problems, it is best to hire a plumbing company for timely repairs.